ZX Spectrum

Below are some Classic ZX Spectrum Football games for you to download. You will need an emulator for these to work. You can find emulators for both PC's and Mac's. If there are any other Football games that you would like included then please email me to let me know. Thanks.


Please note that you will need a DropBox account to download the below files.  Get an account HERE

1st Division Manager

2 Player Soccer Squad

4 Soccer Simulators - 11-a-side Soccer

4 Soccer Simulators - Indoor Soccer
4 Soccer Simulators - Soccer Skills
4 Soccer Simulators - Street Soccer

Adidas Championship Football 128K
The Boss
British Super League
Cantona Football
Cup Football
The Double
Dundees European Challenge
Emilio Butragueno Futbol
Emilio Butragueno Futbol 2
Emlyn Hughes Arcade Quiz
Emlyn Hughes International Soccer
Euro Boss
European Champions
European 5-a-Side
European Soccer Challenge
European Superleague
European Trophy
European Trophy 2
FA Cup Football
Football Champions
Football Director
Football Fever
Football Frenzy
Football Manager - World Cup Edition
Football Manager
Football Manager 2
Football Manager 2 - Expansion Kit
Football Manager 3
Footballer of The Year
Footballer of The Year 2
Gary Lineker's Hot Shot
Gary Lineker's Super Skills 128K
Gary Lineker's Superstar Soccer
Gazza 2
Indoor Soccer
International 5-a-Side Football
International Football
International Matchday 128K
Italia 90 - World Cup Soccer
Jimmys Soccer Manager
Kenny Dalglish Soccer Manager
Kenny Dalglish Soccer Match
Kick Off
Kick Off 2 128K
Kick Off World Cup Edition 128K
League Challenge
League Football
The Manager
Manchester United Europe 128K
Match Day
Match Day 2
Match of The Day
The Match
Microprose Soccer 128K
Microprose Soccer
Multi-Player Soccer Manager
Peter Shilton's Handball Maradona
Premier League
Professional Footballer
Soccer 7
Soccer Challenge
Soccer Director
Soccer Pinball
Soccer Rivals
Soccer Star
Striker 128K
Striker Manager
Super League (1983)
Super League (1989)
Super Soccer
Superleague Soccer
Table Football
Tracksuit Manager
Treble Champions
World Champions
World Championship Soccer 128K
World Cup
World Cup Carnival 128K
World Cup Challenge
World Cup Football
World of Soccer
World Soccer